By now you have probably seen some of the reports floating around on the internet and in other news outlets about the big wins going on at the World Series of Poker. Originally just a small game of six players in 1970, this tournament has fast become the most respected and attended poker tournament in the world – and everyone from professionals to amateurs wants in to get a piece of the money and a coveted bracelet.

If you are perhaps just starting out as an ace at poker and feel that you might even be ready to challenge the big boys (or just chalk up a few games to really get the feel of a tournament), then there is actually still a chance to compete in this year’s events. Although the games started as far back as the 27th of May, they continue right the way on until the grand finale on the 7th to the 18th of July, with the No-Limit Hold’em Main Event. You have not missed your chance to register, either – the online registration form is still open for nine separate events, including No Limit Hold’em with a lower buy-in, Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, 2-7 Draw Lowball (No Limit), and No Limit Hold’em/Six Handed. This could be your chance to move from Las Vegas Video Poker to the real, physical thing!

The greatest thing about the advent of the internet age is the fact that poker is now open to players from across the world. Previously, you had to have the money to travel to the nominated host casino to enter into a tournament, which took a lot of self-confidence and led to lower amounts of players. With the aid of the internet, people begin playing poker in online casinos to build up their skills, soon becoming pros even if they do not live near a land based casino or poker room. Then they hear about the World Series of Poker or other tournaments through online news vehicles, and can browse the website for more information. They can register online, and in the case of some tournaments where you need to pass a certain level of the tournament in order to get into the casino, you can play your pre-games online too in online casino video poker rooms. Then you play and win, and the news articles all over the internet feature your name! The fact that more players are getting involved thanks to online poker sites means that the jackpots are getting higher, and we can enjoy big jackpots at online tournaments now too.