Those who love to play video poker Chicago style will have a new option from this week going forwards, as the first legal video poker machines arrived in Oak Lawn over the weekend. They were officially turned on Monday afternoon for players to have a go, and according to reports they are already drawing in some new customers to Murphy’s Law Bar and Grill on Cicero Avenue, where they are based.

“People have been coming in that I have never seen before,” says bartender Diane Cech. “They have been coming in, having lunch and playing a little poker.” The establishment now has five video poker machines, the most that any one place is allowed to have by law, and each machine has a range of games which actually includes blackjack as well, rather than just the one kind of video poker. Video gaming became legal in Illinois on October 9th, and it is clear that local businesses are keen to take advantage of this new source of revenue as soon as they can – especially now that it is proving to be so popular with guests. The Illinois Gaming Board initially approved more than sixty licenses, and it says that it is now processing over two thousand more in addition to that figure.

It can be refreshing for some players to be able to try out casino video poker without actually having to be in a casino, as this environment is less serious and can allow them to relax a little bit more. It also means that you can play a few games while out drinking with friends rather than having to go into a casino and pay the entrance fee, and you can spend only half an hour there if you prefer rather than having to stay for ages because otherwise it would feel like a waste.

This will certainly be a welcome boost to small businesses, which always have to worry about competing with the giant casino resorts that include retail chains and restaurants and can therefore cut them out where gamblers are concerned.