Things are on the up and up for Illinois video poker, as the industry continues its strong upwards trend and more venues add the machines to their repertoire. More than seven hundred new video poker terminals were approved by the state last month and this caused nearly $4.7 million in tax revenue to be taken from the properties which have them, a great result for the area.

It seems clear that casino video poker is a great bet right now, with millions of players having placed bets inside bars and restaurants across the state since gambling went live last year, and there are now a total of more than five thousand video poker terminals in Illinois. The state takes a twenty five per cent cut of revenue in taxes, while local towns take a further five per cent – an arrangement which leaves everyone in profit at the end of the day. More than half a million dollars was gambling in the six locations with video poker in Kankakee, with wins of $383,000 outweighing losses of $200,000. This meant that the town itself received $8,000 in tax with $39,000 going to the state!

Those who own the venues which have video poker available are benefitting hugely: either they strike it rich with the machines, or they see extra footfall that would not have been possible without them. Those who win tend to celebrate by ordering another round of drinks, and both large metro areas and smaller suburbs are certainly doing well out of the game. Three bars which offer video poker in Hoopeston, which has a population of just over five thousand people, made almost $20,000 in the last month alone from their video poker machines. It seems as though the gamble that the state legislators took in allowing video poker a year ago was a good bet, and it is now paying off for everyone who is getting involved – including the players, who get to enjoy a great game and the prospect of walking away with some great wins at the end of the night to top it all off.