When you are a VIP, you often find that you get different treatment from casinos. You get a different room to play in alongside other VIPs, you can make higher bets, and now for high rollers smoking will not be a problem despite the nationwide Australian ban on smoking in public places. A new report suggests that the high roller room at the Star Casino in Sydney will be exempt from the law, as will other similar rooms across Australia.

The tough new smoking laws come on the heels of similar bans across Europe and the United Kingdom, and are aimed towards a healthier Australia with a nicer public environment for all. Their first step was to remove all smoking packets from advertisements and displays, and next there will follow bans on smoking in children’s playgrounds, public sporting areas, swimming pools, bus stops and train stations, outdoor dining areas, and the entrances to public buildings. Eventually a complete ban on smoking in public area will come into place – but this will leave high roller VIP rooms outside of the ban, despite the demands to the contrary of parties such as the Greens.

There had been much concern over the staff who were forced to work in these areas, but the Star has attempted to allay these fears by allowing only volunteers to work in these areas. According to them, there is a large waiting list of staff who wish to work in them – no doubt due to the high stakes games taking place and the tips that servers might be able to earn in these rooms. Because of the fact that the VIP rooms contribute greatly to the tax revenue in the growing Australian economy, it was felt that a ban for the Star would leave it vulnerable to competitors in other states, and so New South Wales government members have voted to allow smoking in those rooms and those rooms only.

So, if you do not enjoy the whiff of cancer laden tar while you play your casino video poker or try a few high stakes rounds with the boys, perhaps it is a good idea to stay away from those special high roller rooms for a while. You may find that, being the only rooms in which you can smoke, they started to get a little foggy rather quickly!